IPS can provide Certification and Accreditation support to government and organizations (C&A). C&A is the systematic procedure for evaluating; describing, testing and authorizing systems or an activity prior to or after a system is in operation. The C&A processes are used extensively across the world. Certification and Accreditation is a two-step process that ensures security of information systems.

Certification is the process of evaluating, testing, and examining security controls that have been pre-determined based on the data type in an information system. The evaluation compares the current systems’ security posture with specific standards. The certification process ensures that security weaknesses are identified and plans for mitigation strategies are in place.

 On the other hand, accreditation is the process of accepting the residual risks associated with the continued operation of a system and granting approval to operate for a specified period of time. IPS has Subject Matter Experts (SME) in C&A process. IPS also train C&A personnel both on the DICAP and Risk Management Framework (RMF) models for the C&A processes.