Infos Pro Solutions (IPS)

 is an IT firm that specializes in providing quality IT solutions for multiple organizational needs

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Security Operations Center

We provide Security Operations Center Services to both private and public clients on and off sites.

Certification and Accreditation (C&A) of ICT

IPS can provide Certification and Accreditation support to government and organizations (C&A).

Information Technology Risk Management (ITRM)

We can provide IT Risk Management services to your Information technology infrastructure to mitigate the risks presented by deploying ITs.

Information Systems Audits and Business Solutions

IT audit is the examination and evaluation of an organization's information technology infrastructure, policies and operations.

Critical Infrastructure Protection

Critical infrastructure protection (CIP) is a concept that relates to the preparedness and response to serious incidents that involve the critical infrastructure of a region or nation.

Community Resilience Program Development

Resilience is the ability to anticipate risk, limit impact, and bounce back rapidly through survival, adaptability, evolution, and growth in the face of turbulent change.

We help organizations protect and align their IT needs to enhance their business services as such increasing their output and revenue.

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IPS will help the strategic objective of e-Governance which is to support and simplify governance for government, citizens and businesses. 

Network Services and Management

We provide state of the art Network services. We provide the Operation, Administration, Maintenance and Provisioning (OAMP) of networked systems.